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Boville Real Estate ’s Property Management Team’s mission is to meet each property’s particular requirements, provide unparalleled service to its residents, and maintain and enhance the property’s value.

We are sensitive to the fact that where and how people live is a powerful and complex emotional issue, and to the necessity of balancing an Owners’ objectives with those of the individual residents. These objectives will be achieved by physical inspections and follow-through; owner relations, financial budgeting, lease administration, expense control, resident satisfaction, and risk management.

Boville Real Estate’s Property Management Team is your turnkey solution to having a team on the ground in order to coordinate all matters relating to management and upkeep of the property, and tenant retention, satisfaction and safety.

It is our objective to assist you with your property management needs by making it easy and worry free by utilizing prudent planning, real estate expertise, professional ethics, and strong systems and tools to ensure the highest return on your investment.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Retention and Renewals Beyond fulfilling the accustomed Qatar property management needs of a community, we strive on going over and beyond the expectations of our property owners and tenants. We have several services and creative ideas that we would be able to apply to any given community, and are able to tailor a solution for a development in order to optimize a property’s retention and tenants’ satisfaction.

Boville Real Estate often conducts periodic surveys from tenants to understand potential concerns at the onset so that the proper resolution measures are made to ensure tenant satisfaction.

These surveys provide owner’s with the necessary insight as to any issues that may threaten retention rates in order for such concerns to be cured before renewals take place.

Boville Real Estate is also available to assist with the renewal of lease agreements and delivery of rental payments.

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